Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Contemporary Quilt Group - Monoprinting.

At the January meeting of our Contemporary Quilt Group the technique we experimented with was monoprinting.
Now, I had bad memories of this technique from City & Guilds - mainly because I always seemed to end up with dull, drab samples that didn't inspire me.
This time I was determined to put a more modern twist on the technique.

 This is the very small quilt I made from one of my samples - it is about 6 inches square.
 Here are my samples on the design wall - I used Valentine's Day as a theme.
I am quite looking forward to making these up into a quilt or two. I am still in the planning stages.
I actually enjoyed monoprinting this time round!


  1. i think your work is absolutely inspirational. Can't wait to see your monoprinting!

  2. Hi Janet,
    I have just spent 2 evenings reading your other blog with great interest as I am due to start(next week) a Diploma in Patchwork and Quilting C&G. I have been looking for anything on the internet that might help me feel confident about doing this.You have some amazing work and having read through your blog over 2 nights I have noticed how well your work has progressed. I then found this blog and realised it was yours.Wish me luck!
    I live in Cork, Ireland and when visiting my son who now lives in Newcastle,England last month,I attended the Harrogate Quilt Show. I have found heaven!I will be back next year.Birmingham is great but Harrogate was just perfect.