Friday, 18 December 2009

Image Transfer

In November we had two topics in our Research for Design module. The first of these was Image Transfer including digital image manipulation.
I am going to share some of the artwork out of my folder.
As you will already be aware I love Andy Warhol art and this is my take on it using Jonathan's photo.

Below is the original photo. Details of the software I used are on my other blog.

More image manipulation - I liked the way this one squared up the details on the image which may be useful for patchwork design.

This one took away the colour and gave a pencil sketch effect. I have printed this onto a transfer paper which I am then going to recolour before transferring onto fabric.

The photo of this cat has been transferred onto fabric using white emulsion paint. You paint onto the fabric, place the photo onto it face down, smooth using a roller, allow to dry and then peel off the photo. Works surprisingly well!
I also tried to transfer images using acrylic wax instead of the paint - these were disasters!

A montage in the Andy Warhol style.

Images printed onto brown paper.

Images printed onto hand made paper.

Other methods I used were printing onto lightweight vilene, printing directly onto cotton, and using image transfer crayons. You will see the results of these in the samples I have made which I will show soon.

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