Saturday, 17 October 2009

Ann's Samples

Today we have been at college. It has been lovely to meet up with everyone again and to celebrate Rachel's significant birthday with yummy chocolate cake.
The following photos have been taken to help us work on our samples for next month. They have all been made by our teacher Ann who has generously agreed to allow me to share her work with you. Ann is very generous in sharing her knowledge, books and materials and has done loads of samples with materials that change when heated. Thanks Ann!

This is a sample using automatic stitches.
A montage using Ann's personal theme of fossils and minerals.

A collage.

Sample using fibretex.

Sample using tyvek - this was made by sewing the tyvek into a circular tucked pattern before heating.

A sample with kunin felt background. The ammonite is covered with irise film.
Sample with goldtex, apparently 'teabag foil' works just as well!
Sample with xpandaprint.
Sample with lutradur.


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  2. Hi Janet - thanks for putting the photos on [for me], I have no excuses now!!!! See you in the morning xxxx