Sunday, 4 October 2009

Machine embroidery samples with automatic stitches

My next sample was made using an automatic stitch on the sewing machine but by altering the stitch length and width to give different effects.
I started by attaching quality street cellophane wrappers to vilene in a random pattern. I then covered it with two layers of net, one green and one white. It was backed with a black and white zebra print fabric to give a bit more interest to the background.
I then added wadding and calico backing. The automatic stitch was done as free machine quilting but altering the stitch length and width every few inches.

I then added borders in hand dyed cotton and quilted this with the walking foot but using the same automatic stitch in two of its variations.

This sample shows the different automatic stitches that I tried before deciding which one to choose for my sample. It shows how the stitch changes as you alter the stitch length and width. I will use this sample to choose automatic stitches for my next few samples.

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