Wednesday, 14 October 2009

More samples!

I have college again on Saturday and Sunday and of course I have not done all my homework! I have completed two more samples and have one prepared, ready to stitch.
However I have not done any of the artwork homework. As a minimum I need to do a string print and a scrafitto. I started both at college last month but have not touched them since.

This sample above is my least favourite so far - in fact the only bit of it I like is the stitched border on the black card!
I scrunched up some tissue, stuck on some pictures from a magazine, added glitter and wax crayon shavings. This was then sandwiched between two layers of cling film and ironed to melt the wax crayon. Even though I used baking parchment to protect the iron the clingfilm has melted in places! I then used the automatic stitch to embellish it. This was done in little segments to give a stop start effect, but I also stitched around the paper shapes.

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