Saturday, 14 November 2009

Collages and Montages!

Still not 100% sure what the difference is between a collage and a montage - but I think that the first two are montages because they contain whole images and the last one is a collage because a new image is made up from using different elements. Sounds impressive anyway!

This first one is my favourite - it is made up of images of my 1960s plates and some of my decorated papers.

In this one I tried to use the leaf shape to showcase the different decorated papers - monoprinting, sponging, using a roller, rubbings and sponge printing.

This is my collage which turned out better than I was expecting although I still can't decide which way up looks best! I coloured in the central rubbed sample to try to give the piece a focal point.
I am now working on my stitched samples which I hope to show soon.

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  1. You have been working hard again - I'd better get down to it tomorrow!!