Sunday, 8 November 2009

Artwork - scraffito and string prints.

The Research for Design module requires us to put together a portfolio of artwork based on our personal theme. My personal theme is 1960s pottery and so far I have used three pieces of pottery made by J & G Meakin.

The first piece of artwork is a string print of a leaf taken from one of my pieces. I printed it using acrylic paint and then coloured the leaves and the background with drawing ink.

The second sample is scraffito again based on a design on one of my pieces of pottery. The crosses were done in wax crayon and then I washed over the whole page with brown ink. Then I went over just the crosses in black ink. The crosses were then scratched back to reveal the wax crayon underneath.
Here are the photos of the two pieces of pottery used as inspiration.

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  1. A flashback moment, I remember doing "wax resist" firework pictures at school - multicoloured wax colouring, black paint wash and scratching through, great fun. Love what you're doing