Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Tyvek, fibretex and kunin felt samples.

The next college weekend is rapidly approaching and I need to get all my samples completed. The theme for this set of samples was to use materials which can be burned, distressed or distorted using heat. Some of them I like and some of them I don't - however it has been valuable to experiment with them and some of them I may incorporate into my quilting.
The six materials we had to investigate were tyvek, fibretex, xpandaprint, kunin felt, lutradur and foil.
We also had to investigate some new machine stitches for embellishment - feather stitch, whip stitch and moss stitch. These mostly involve allowing the bobbin thread to appear on the front of the work - the situation we usually do our best to avoid!!
This first sample is made using tyvek, strips of tyvek were painted and then woven through cotton threads that had been wound onto a picture mount board. Various scraps of fabrics were added and they were all secured with machine stitching. The whole thing was heated causing the tyvek to distort. The piece was then attached to a background fabric and embellished with beads.
A border was added and then it was backed with wadding and calico. The quilting was done with feather stitch which causes loops to appear on the right side.

The second sample was made using fibretex and kunin felt. Three layers of fibretex were each painted a different colour. They were then layered with a layer of navy blue kunin felt on the bottom. The piece was machine stitched using metallic threads in a zig zag design to mirror the triangle in my Aztec plate. This was then heated with a heat gun and the coloured layers and felt backing were reavealed. I then took a square of turquoise hand dyed cotton and a square of lime green kunin felt and attached the heated sample to these using a machine zig zag in a variegated thread. The sample was then layered with wadding and backing and free machine quilted in a meandering design. The lime kunin felt was then heated to give that lacy effect revealing the turquoise background fabric.

The centre piece was then embellished with sequins and beads.
Both samples are the required 10 inches square.

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