Thursday, 12 November 2009

More Artwork!

Just over a week to go until our next college weekend and I am happy to report that I have completed my artwork for assessment! Now, this is a big thing for me because usually I do my stitching homework and leave the artwork until the last minute.

This is a sponge print based on one of the plates from my personal theme. The pattern on the plate is called 'Aztec' and comes from 1966. I think it looks quite modern.

This is a drawing done with watercolour pencils based on the sugar bowl in the photo. I have also included a photo of the backstamp which I think is lovely. Ascot comes from 1964.


  1. Well done for getting the artwork finished - and it's lovely! I need to do some serious catching up this week!

  2. Your art work is fab, I think we will all be busy trying to get up to date for this weekend.

    See you Saturday xxx